Searching Film Trivia Quiz

Searching Film Trivia Quiz

Are you a fan of thrilling movies? Then let’s come and participate in our exciting trivia quiz. The trivia quiz brings all interesting movie quiz collections. Even you will enjoy solving the question. At the same time, all questions were included in the Searching Film trivia quiz. You have to answer the required question and win the prize. So, let’s see and join this trivia quiz. 

About Searching Movie

Searching Movies was released in 2018. It is an American movie directed by Aneesh Chaganty in his feature debut. The Searching movie was written by Sev Ohanian and produced by Timur Bekmambetov. The film is completely set on a computer and smartphone screen. This English movie earned 75.6 million $ at the box office. 

The Plot In Searching Film

The entire movie revolves around a missing girl story. The father is trying to find her lost daughter. Who is sixteen years old. A police detective helps the man to locate a clue about his daughter. The man lived with his wife and daughter in San Jose, Califonia. The wife died because of lymphoma. The next day, the father cannot contact his little girl. He assumed that she went for her piano lessons. He learned that his daughter already cancelled the piano lesson and pocketed the money. She transferred that money in to deleted account. The rest of the movie is about mysterious behaviour happening to the teenage girl.

About The Cast

John Cho plays the role of the father, David Kim. Who was finding his lost daughter? While Michelle La acted in the role of Margot, the missing teenage girl. At the same time, Debra Messing played the role of detective sergeant Rosemanrry. Sarah Sohn is also seen in the movie as Pamela, the wife of David Kim. Many other famous people can be seen in the Searching movie. The film is mainly streamed Hollywood movies with Asian American actors.

How To Score Result

Each trivia quiz has a separate surprise gift awarded to the winner. The Searching Film Trivia quiz has the criteria of winning 70% quiz. In that way, the user needs to solve ten questions in each shift. Every new shift or shift question has a change order and a new quiz. So be clear and complete the trivia to win exciting prizes.

Searching Film Trivia Quiz






#1. In the movie "Searching," who becomes David Kim's primary ally during the investigation?

#2. What is the relationship between David Kim and Peter Kim in the movie?

#3. How old is Margot Kim in the movie "Searching"?

#4. Who does David suspect might be involved in Margot's disappearance?

#5. What does David find in Margot's car that becomes a vital clue in the movie?

#6. How does David identify the person behind the online username "Fish_n_Chips"?

#7. What does David find hidden inside Margot's piano in the movie "Searching"?

#8. How does David obtain Patrick Fisher's real identity in the movie?

#9. Which website does David visit to gather information about a missing girl's case?

#10. What does David do to track Margot's location through her online accounts?

#11. Who does David meet in person to gather crucial evidence?

#12. How does David ultimately locate Margot in the movie "Searching"?

#13. What is the significance of the Russian River Park in the investigation?

#14. What is the name of David Kim's late wife in the movie "Searching"?

#15. How does David gain access to Margot's laptop in the movie?

#16. What revelation does David uncover about his wife through his search in the movie?

#17. Which character in the movie is revealed to have a connection to Margot's school?

#18. How does David track down Margot's location using her online accounts?


What is the message of Searching?

The fear of immigrate person’s identy. Missing love ones in the age of smart technology.

Is this a true story?

Searching movie is not based on true story. It is a fiction story.

Is Searching worth to watch?

The movie shows do not trust any one. The movie is worth to watch.

Who is villain in Searching film?

Rosemerry Vick.

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